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Transtime Love

Vocals and Lyrics by Artlip ( 3D model by Scifi Licious was to big for my PC, about 3 km to long. It took weeks to slim it down for rendering a minute result over nights. But I needed it for Artlip's text. Who still knows King Arthur, the music from Purcell? Henry Purcel, somewhere around the 16th century. I did not know the music before Klaus Nomi's Cold Song. And then the interpretation by Hermann Voges. And now with Artlip. Listen to the copy of a copy of a copy, in HD and never forget the vintage years, they are sustainable. Distorted guitars with ancient everlasting harmonies, a lucky strike.

Vivaldi Part 3

Vivaldi brings joy, Eela Soley's voice, many voices. I had 6 or 7 variations about that theme, but this one got the video as a pleasure add on youth and beauteousness.

When I heard it the first time from Curved Air, I was 12, hmpf.

Healer of the Rich

Vocals by DieStimme (


This HipHop singer really revealed my anger about, well about what? Listen to the historians, history is a story of repetitions.

Here I used the anti smoker slogans of helpless politicians.

The Man with the Unique Horn

Vocals and Lyrics by Artlip (

I think Artlip called it something like Uniquecorn...



Electric Gas in 3D

Scenes from my first visiting the ZKM with my new 3D camera at that time.

The tapping guitar style, already electronic in conjunction with the traditional acoustic guitar was a lucky inspiration.

Gizheela - Loop Festival St. Gertrud Church - Cologne - Part 2

Gizheela - Loop Festival St. Gertrud Church - Cologne - Part 1

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