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av performance providing augmented reality

AV performance with Gabriela Y Lang

Digitally painted colored balls on the wall.
Jean Gilbert extended the original java script to the body motion.​

​Dance: Gabriela Y Lang (
Guitar and 3D Kinect camera programming: Jean Gilbert
Video: Michael Busse
The original java sketch is by Garry Green and can be found on

AV performance with dance and live music.

Dance: Gabriela Y Lang (
Guitar : Jean Gilbert

Percussion: Bhadra (

​Video: Eela Soley (

Software: nuiCapture Animate

3D Dance with Avatar Sac

The avatar was taken from Reallusions Iclone software with the Mocap device plugin.

​Dance: Gabriela Y Lang (
Guitar:  Jean Gilbert
Percussion: Bhadra (

Video: Eela Soley (

Sound "ghosty wind” SOUND SHAPE PJ3 by Pablo Rodriguez.

I found his java script on and expanded it to body motion.

Sound 'RainDrops by Maxime Gaillard
I found his java script on and added body motion control.

Cannot Destroy the Love

The original java sketch is by Hank Liu and can be found on I added the body motion control.

Interactive Spider Web

​I found the original java sketch by manuel on //
and added the real time hand motion control.

Drawing Red Yellow Lines

Digital Drawing with body motion
The original JavaScript on is by Aris Bezas, thank you.
I added the hand motion control. The music'Colors' is by Gizheela from the Album 'Welcome'. Eela Soley is playing the sax and i am doing some effect stuff with the guitar.

Painting Structures

An audio-visual performance with

Dance: Gabriela Y Lang,
Voice: Eela Soley,
Guitar: Jean Gilbert,

Body Motion Control Program by Jean Gilbert based on the JavaScript 'Structure Paint' on by Gabe Walford

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